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Americas Without Sanctions - Endorse

A campaign to end all unilateral coercive measures imposed on the countries of the Americas, specifically those harming the peoples of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Economic coercive measures, commonly referred to as “sanctions,” are a form of warfare that brings suffering and death to the most vulnerable populations in the targeted country—children, the elderly, the sick, and the poor. The US government and its imperialist allies use them as a regime change tactic, hoping that populations will rise up and overthrow their governments. Although that rarely happens, the populations of targeted countries are subjected to illegal collective punishment simply because the United States does not like their leaders.

CUBA: The blockade of Cuba has cost the island nation more than a trillion dollars over the past six decades. This cost has increased dramatically since the spurious addition of Cuba to the State Sponsors of Terrorism list (SSOT), leading to the most serious humanitarian crisis in the island’s history. The US Congress is considering the FORCE Act (HR 314) to codify Cuba’s placement on the SSOT.

VENEZUELA: US sanctions, particularly on Venezuela’s oil sector since 2017, led to a 99% drop in government revenue, causing food shortages, devastating the country’s health sector, and causing 40,000 excess deaths in just one year. One bill before Congress would codify sanctions on certain sectors of Venezuela’s economy, while Senate Bill 995, the Venezuelan Democracy Act, would restrict other countries from even trading with Venezuela. 

NICARAGUA: Sanctions caused Nicaragua to lose over US$1.4 billion between 2018 and 2021 in funding from the World Bank, IDB and IMF, impacting infrastructure projects, child nutrition and development programs, and access to safe drinking water in rural areas. A new sanctions bill, S.1881, would cripple Nicaragua’s economy and reverse steady progress made in reducing poverty and improving human development indicators.


All-African People’s Revolutionary Party
Alliance for Global Justice
Black Alliance for Peace Haiti/Americas Team
Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice
Friends of the ATC
Friends of Latin America
IFCO Pastors for Peace
Maryland Cuba Solidarity Coalition
Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition
Popular Resistance
Sanctions Kill
Task Force on the Americas
United National Antiwar Coalition
Venezuela Solidarity Network

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Please join our campaign to raise awareness of the harms of unilateral coercive measures and demand an end to the use of illegal collective punishment

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    Los Ronderos de las Redes endorsed 2024-02-12 15:45:50 -0500
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    Chicago ALBA Solidarity endorsed 2024-01-30 15:24:36 -0500
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    endorsed 2024-01-23 10:03:42 -0500
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    Maryland-Cuba Solidarity Coalition endorsed 2024-01-22 19:23:17 -0500
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    Baltimore Socialist Unity Party endorsed 2024-01-22 18:58:40 -0500