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Tell Congress: Support H. RES. 943

Support Better Relations between the U.S. and Latin America and the Caribbean: Tell Congress to Adopt Resolution 943, Including the End of Sanctions!

Unilateral coercive measures, also known as “sanctions,” have come to be discredited in international bodies, by academics, and increasingly more by the U.S. government itself. These measures imposed on countries for the stated purpose of getting them to comply with human rights standards, are found to cause suffering and death among the civilian population, to violate international law, to cause deteriorations of human rights in the targeted countries, and to be the cause of a growing influx of migrants on our southern border.

For this reason, a new resolution in Congress calls for “terminating all unilateral economic sanctions imposed through Executive Orders, and working with Congress to terminate all unilateral sanctions, such as the Cuba embargo, mandated by law.” House Resolution 943, filed by Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) just before Christmas, seeks the annulment of the 200-year-old Monroe Doctrine and replacing it with a New Good Neighbor Policy. The Resolution advocates respect for the sovereignty of the region’s governments and proposes several reforms, some of which would be rather complicated. The Resolution is likely to undergo several amendments as it works its way through the House, and hopefully soon, the Senate. Therefore, as we urge Members of Congress to pass this Resolution, we should make it crystal clear that the provision to terminate “all unilateral economic sanctions” must be included.

Send a message to Congress to Support H.Res.943, especially its provision to terminate all unilateral economic sanctions!